Divine Power

So yet another day in cyperspace Philips’ Corner.  Randy…What for us comes in a unidimensional state of letters and words, your daily reality slams you right in the face with doctors, blood tests, airways, ventilators, tests, treatments drugs & more tests. It is amazing how much toxicity and abuse Philips’ physical body can take in any given time… and the capacity for his spirit to soar to the highest, despite the physical limitations & suffering imposed on it.

Modern day medicine is quite remarkable and it has sustained Philip thus far along the journey for a new liver. But there is so much modern medicine can’t answer.  Truly, one has to believe that a Divine power is partly the reason Philip is still here with us today. The constant & dynamic flow of positive energy, prayers and love being sent your way cannot go unnoticed by G-d. If there could ever be anything positive about Philip’s suffering, the light illuminated in the world by the  596  visits to your Philip’s Corner blog over the past several weeks has made the world a brighter, warmer, and more loving arena in which to live.



  1. well said, lorrie!

    issy and i are praying that a new liver comes for phil soon…may the sperling family keep up your spirits and know that we are all thinking of you.

  2. Thank you Lorrie for your wonderful heartfelt words. I want to add to what you have said by just agreeing with your sentiments and send my love to the Sperlings. Cindi

  3. dear lorrie –
    my name is robbin. i have been very, very close with the sperling family for the past 24 years. we met when we all lived in san diego. randy is my closest and dearest friend, shelly is my dear friend and philip aka flipper is my buddy!! we have all gone through many good times and sad times together – always there for eachother. unfortunately the miles (i live in cleveland) are now keeping us apart physically. but the only distance we have is a physical distance. i speak to randy several times a day and she and shelly both know i am here for them. i haven’t been in touch with lee and danny, but they are always in my prayers.
    lorrie, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there with philip, randy, and shelly. many thanks for all you are doing for them. it gives me a great sense of comfort to know they have you at their side. please feel free to contact me at any time. randy will give you my phone number if you’d like to call.
    i am also praying for you and your continued strength and support of my dearest friends.
    again, many many thanks — robbin

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