Philip said a few words to us today. We all feel that he is taking baby steps now and we feel encouraged that he will be getting a little better each day. He remains agitated and upset. We try and comfort him but it doesn’t really help very much. We don’t know if he is in pain or in some way uncomfortable. There are still times that they have to give him drugs to deal with the agitation. We pray that each day is better then the day before and soon he will be able to communicate his needs..


  1. Sarah Malka & Larry

    Our prayers continue for the refuah shleimah of Pesach Yaakov ben Raiza Pesha. We also pray for strength for all of you. Love and hugs, Sarah Malka & Larry

  2. i’m glad we had a few minutes to chat last night. it’s good that you had your family with you this weekend. having cole and henry had to be very uplifting for everyone!!
    ran, please promise me that you are taking good care of yourself!! please give phil a hug from me and tell him i love him!! sending prayers, hugs and lots of love!!! talk to you later.
    love you my dearest friend — robbin

  3. Dear Randy, I am thinking about you and your family and pulling for you every day. Prayers are in my heart all day long. Love all of you, Cindi Powell

  4. Any small improvement in Phil’s condition is a giant step for him and something we will all celebrate!. We’ll take any improvements we can get. As for you, my beloved, friend, I hope that you are taking care of your precious self. Last night’s Lubavitch event was fabulous… but you were deeply missed. Barry & I pray for Hashem to envelop Philip in His holy embrace and bless him with healing. I will not stop praying until that happens. I know you are all in the thoughts and prayers of everyone here in Charlotte. You have not been forgotten as you forge through the trials and tribulations of each day. I pray that you are able to keep up your strength as you advocate for your son. I am amazed at your grace, dignity and unending devotion to Philip.
    I can;t even imagine where he would be without you! I definitely want you on my side if I become a patient! It makes the work we do so much more significant… and important.
    Love you! Miss you!

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