Today has been filled with ups and downs. They actually did four procedures on him. First they put him on a ventilator.  A central line was put in his groin because the previous one in his chest was not working well. They also did a right arterial line so they don’t have to bother him taking his blood pressure. Fluids were removed from his abdomen and finally a heart catheterization was done again to get some final numbers. All of these procedures are done everyday; the concern is that Philip is physically compromised. I just kept kissing and hugging him all day.  I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be unable to talk.

With all of the information acquired, Philip was officially approved for transplant by the surgeons.  His folder was then sent off to the insurance company for their final approval.

The process of being on the waiting list for a transplant is very complex. There are 5 states involved and every organ that becomes available is evaluated for the right person. Every person is given a score that is given on the basis of one’s laboratory work and need. You are then allowed to apply for exception points if you have something like pulmonary hypertension. It then takes a few days for that to get approved. Philip will then be very high on the transplant list. It is at this time comes the worry about blood type and size.

The doctors are clear we are in a race on how long Philip’s organs will last, and how fast we get a liver.


  1. Dear Sperlings: I am thinking, praying and sending love and light your way. Randi, I wish you were here and that this was not happening. Devorah Leah and I will say some extra prayers for all of you this am. Love you, Cindi

  2. Although Phillip’s prayer was not read during the game, I wanted you to know that he and his family are in my personal thoughts & prayers.

    Marcus Osby

    Account Manager, Season Ticket Services

    Bobcats Sports and Entertainment

  3. That’s great news that Philip was approved for the transplant program. I know that was one of the original goals.

  4. Dear Randi and Shelly,

    Please know that we are all praying for Phillip and the two of you. That IS great news about the transplant. Please know that we can hardly wait to see ALL of you back here, hale and hearty!! All of our love, Stephen, Janis, Abbie, and Ditto

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