The Marvels of Parental Love

Dear Philip, Much has been written on why bad things happen to good people. It is a question that even the greatest of Rabbis can’t answer effectively. And…It makes you wonder what life is really all about anyway. Do crises like the ones you’ve been going through make you a better person? I doubt it. Do they make you a stronger person?… for sure! Do they give you a whole different perspective on life?…you bet! Do they make you appreciate the simple things in life like sleeping in your own bed or preparing your own dinner? …absolutely! Do they make you realize how many people truly care about you and pray for you on a daily basis?…obviously! One only has to read Philip’s Corner to see that. And if nothing else, your grave illness and devastating treatment have allowed your beloved parents Randy and Shelly to once again rise to the occasion, baring the true essence of their beautiful souls for the world to bear witness to. Parental love… can there be anything better?

We love you and pray for you constantly.


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  1. aaron & mintza leah

    to phil,randy and shelly-we truly admire your courage, strength and focus on doing all you can to succeed in this excrutiating challenge. may hashem continue to bless all of you w/strength, wisdom and physical energy to cope each and every day and make good decisions to achieve your goal…a new liver and a new quality of life. lechaim and good shabbos. aaron and m.l.

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