Everyday is a new experience. They tell us that he is stronger today then he was a week ago. Yet, his platelets are down, very down. They have given him platelets, but they don’t want to do it too often. They want his body to be able to make its own platelet’s in order to go into the operating room. That puts us on hold for a liver for 24-48 hours. They think it is possible that the reason his count is low may be because of the medication they put him on for pulmonary hypertension. That medication is being chanced for that reason. The new medication is in the same family, but might work better with the platelets. They are thinking of putting him on dialysis three times a week instead of the 24/7 he is on now. They say it will allow him to get physical therapy and eventually move out of ICU. They say he will be in the hospital until after transplant. We have one question with each change they make, and that is, will this keep him out of the operating room ? That seems to change from hour to hour. We are waiting for a liver. Each hour that passes seems like an eternity.


  1. We are glad that the hospital staff does see improvement. Hopefully the change in medication will help his platelet count improve…wait and see is so tough!! We are always checking the website for your updates, and pray that Phil continues to be stable enough to wait for the transplant. I am so impressed by your strength and resolve, even in the face of challenges.

    Love, Rebecca, Issy, Dalia and Ilan Cheskes

  2. Ditto for us. Rebecca and gang expressed it so well. Despite the described setback, cutting dialysis and getting him p.t. is going in a good direction.
    Glad you posted before I hit the sack……..
    Hashem is keeping Phil going for a good reason.

  3. May he continue to grow stronger everyday! Looking forward good news! Have a good and peaceful Shabbos!

  4. All of the Sperling’s are in our thoughts and prayers daily. The hospital staff sounds fantastic!

  5. what wonderful news to hear that Phil is getting stronger. So one side of our prayer is being heard, now we just need the other one too: THE L I V E R – NOW!

  6. Dear Sperling family: We are thinking higher platelets and new liver. WE too think the decision to get him to PT is a good idea and a positive move in the right direction. We continue to think about you and “Uncle Philt” all day long. Sending positvie thoughts and prayers your way. Love the Powell girls.

  7. Thank you for the update/s. I will keep praying for Philip, and all of you. I can totally understand how everyone automatically loves Phil!!!! we are friends, and I love him like a brother. Thank you for letting us know each day. We are ALL on the same team!!!! BigHugz, Lois

  8. hi flipper, ran, and shelly,
    did i ever tell you how much i love you?????????
    well, in case i didn’t —
    i love you — robbin

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