Philip remains about the same. I didn’t go up to the hospital today because I thought I might be getting a sore throat. Shelly spent a good part of the day with him and reports back that things are not really any better. He is still confused and sometimes it is no big deal and he just keeps talking and doesn’t make any sense. Other times he realizes he is how confused he is and gets emotional and upset. The staff tells us that his vital signs are starting to stabilize. He has too much fluid in his abdominal area and his kidneys are struggling. They say he has good kidneys in a bad neighborhood.

It was suggested that a mask might be a good idea rather then staying away. If this dry throat continues I will check with the staff and see what they say. It is vital that Philip not get sick so that he remains on the transplant list.

Thanks you in advance for all of your continuing prayers.


  1. hi ran —
    glad we talked tonight. i hope your dry throat is feeling better!! not being with philip today had to be very difficult for you. hopefully you’ll be able to be with him tomorrow (monday). and then there’s tuesday–if you say so, i believe you!!
    as always, sending prayers, hugs, and lots of love!!
    love you my dearest friend — robbin

  2. Continuing with Tehillim and prayer for Phil… that everything will stablize soon – and that HaShem will hold Phil’s hand through all this so that he won’t be scared anymore.

  3. Dear Sperlings: I am thinking and praying today that things progress in a positive way for all of you. Randi, I hope you are feeling better by the time you get this and that the mask is the answer for a visit to Phil. Hugs and kisses to Uncle “Philt” from the Powell girls. Cindi

  4. Sarah Malka/Sheila & Larry

    Prayers, tehillim, tzedakah, and hopes for the refuah shleimah of Pesach Yaakov ben Raizel Pesha. Also, prayers and hopes for strength and good health for all of you, his family. Please let Phil know that the entire community is with him all the way and we so look forward to davening with him in Shul! Love and hugs to all of you, Larry & Sarah Malka

  5. Am adding my prayers and tehillim to the group. Praying for a liver to be made available to him and for a successful transplant. Love, Leah

  6. Lorrie
    I am sorry we did not connect last friday night…
    After I spoke with Barry….. I tried again several times but no answer.
    I just wanted you to know your friend’s son is in our thoughts and prayers….
    We’ll talk soon,
    (Lorrie’s friend from Wash DC)

  7. Hi Lorrie,
    Am just wondering how Randy Sperlings son is doing? I hope the group prayer had an impact.
    Susan Peck

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