These days are starting to drag along. Philip doesn’t really make much sense. He just babbles most of the time. He does ask for water, but I can’t give it to him.  If he aspirates it could cause pneumonia. That would take him off the transplant list. It seems like such a little thing of which to deprive him. It just breaks my heart that I can’t give him just a little water. They swab out his mouth, but it is not satisfying to him. He does remain sweet and cooperative with the nurses and staff.

The surgical Physicians Assistant(PA) came in to make sure we had all of the information needed for transplant. Then the doctor came in to make sure we had all of the information, and make sure we have a Rabbinic presence available.

He is currently getting some kind of a connection installed into his body so that they can start dialysis. Dialysis will give us 4 more points and put him higher on the transplant list. The problem is that one can get too sick to get a transplant.  We just wait and worry.

Please pray with us.


  1. We continue to pray for Philip; and you, Randy and Shelly. May G-d give you the strength needed during this very difficult time.
    Judy and Len

  2. I will continue to send up prayers for Phil, Shelly and You. I feel that I have made a new friend at UNC under the circumstances in which we met, it had to be divine intervention. You know what I am dealing with as far as my husbands Tim’s health and I want to thank you for making me laugh while waiting to see him after surgery. Some people would rather sit and be sad, but I am truly thankful that you walked into that ICU waiting room and sat down with me and my daughter.

    Always remember when man says no God says YES!! Whatever His will is for Phil it will be done. I pray that you continue to seek strength and that you and Shelly find the comfort and peace to get you through whatever may come your way. I speak LIFE, HEALTH AND PROSPERITY…to be absence from the body is to present with the Lord.

    Keep smiling, keep laughing and if you need to even cry because your tears are not going unnoticed by God. He sees each one and will wipe them away for you. Love you and I thank God that we met.

    Many prayers and special blessings to you and your family from my family.

    Tim & Tina Kelly

  3. Same for us. Praying along with so many people. I hope to check the blog and find that a liver has come from heaven. Janice

  4. Dayle and Chuck Glick

    Our prayers are being said daily for Phil and his wonderful family. We hope his transplant comes quickly. We read your blog and think about you throughout each day.

    Dayle and Chuck

  5. Randy, even that it was just a minute, it was good talking to you today. We are praying even harder now for a liver to come speedily! Sending tons of strengths your way. Sandra

  6. I hope that today is a better day and that we get some good news. I send you love, hugs, wishes for strength for all of you, and many prayers. Cindi

  7. Lorrie,

    This is really nice what you did regarding Phillip . I just said a prayer for him. I can understand the pain that his family is going thru since we experienced loosing a son too.


    Marc H. Silverman
    M. David Properties

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