How Your Health Team Works For You

While we all like to think that our doctor is the biggest and the best, we need to recognize that s/he is merely one member of your health care team. Granted, your doctor is probably the most the most well-paid member, the most educated member, and the director of your team, but they do not work as an island unto themselves. They delegate many tasks related to your diagnosis and treatment to other members of …

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Your Patient Bill Of Rights

Historically, each health care facility in the United States has subscribed to a written Patient Bill of Rights that was created by the American Hospital Association in 1995. That document was replaced a few years ago by The Patient Care Partnership which uses plain language to inform patients about what they should expect during their hospital stay with regard to their rights and responsibilities.( What you should expect during your hospital stay: High quality & …

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End Of Life Conversations

When is The Right Time to Have Such a Conversation? There is never a right time to discuss end of life issues. But the issues can quickly become a fact of life, oftentimes when you least expect it. Few people are physically or emotionally prepared for these types of conversations and the decisions they may require. Many think that this conversation only deals with end of life requests and final wishes. While these topics are …

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Vaccination Guide For Parents

Below is a suggested list of vaccinations for children. Be sure to follow the dates and guidelines directed by your healthcare provider. Many times, these vaccines are combined to minimize injections. Ask for a vaccine record book and take it to every visit to your healthcare provider. Hepatitis B (HepB):  protects against a virus that attacks the liver. This virus can lead to scarring and cancer of the liver. HepB is spread through blood, body …

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However deep I am sunk in despair, Groaning in my distress, Yet will I hope in God, I will praise Him continually For He is my deliverer. Amen. Psalms 42:6