A Prayer For My Critically Ill Child

Dear God,
Please watch over my beloved child as he lies in innocent slumber, with the purest of souls. With a broken heart I watch as disease robs him of his well-being, his health, his dignity, his consciousness, his life. He makes small movements, communicating in minute fashion to let me know he feels my presence. What is it about the human spirit that wants to soar even when the ugly face of illness attempts to drag it down? I struggle to understand why this dear, sweet soul must suffer. The pain of an anguished parent’s heart as I hover over my beloved child – ready to protect, defend, love…to give up my own life so that my child might live his. Lord, give me the strength to persevere as my child , devastated by disease, seems to slip away more and more each moment, all control over his well-being slipping through my hands. It is You, God, whom I turn to for that strength. For without my faith, all hope would be lost…taking with it all dreams for good things to come. Dear God, please hear my pleas and my prayers for my child. Do not abandon him .. Send him your healing love… he needs it now more than ever.


Lorrie Klemons

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