I have no idea which day of the week it is. We just keep plugging along from minute to minute. This morning we had a visitor come by and I said to Philip say hello to her. He then verbalized his hello to her succinctly. We were amazed. We were singing songs that we knew he liked, and he was trying to keep time with his shoulders. It is so ironic that Philip’s journey through sickness began with his brain, and yet that is the part of his body that needs no support and keeps going. We are doing our best to keep his room a happy place.

The entire staff has our utmost respect and appreciation. They have used everything they have had at their finger tips to help Philip. His successes have brought smiles to their faces and his defeats have sent them searching for more options The conversations they have had to have with us were not easy. They were straight forward and yet gentle. Every nurse that has come into this room has been well educated and kind-hearted. Their support for us as well as their sensitivity to Philip’s needs goes above and beyond.

The future is not in our hands nor in  staff hands. If it were we could write the outcome, but we can’t.


  1. We are glad that you are pleased with the way the staff is working with you, keeping Phil’s best interest at heart and being mindful of the difficult situation that exists. Please tell Phil that we are thinking of him and wish him the best. Thanks as always for posting so regularly…

    With love from the Cheskes family

  2. Yes, please tell Philip Lois says Hello, and is praying for him. I am so glad the whole Medical staff is kind, compassionate and intelligent. I am blessed he has the best of everything, starting with the most loving and caring parents & family, friends and everyone, because this is what HE always gives to everyone~~!!!!!!!!! love & BigHUgz.

  3. I am holding you all in my heart and lifting my prayers up to God and trusting in Him with all of my being.

    Sending you GREAT BIG HUGS!


  4. I am thinking of you as I retire tonight and sending prayers for your family that you should be filled with the love that we are sending to you. The Powell’s love you all. Cindi, Maggie and Julie

  5. I am tearful as I again read your blogs. We love Philip and it breaks our hearts to see how sick he is. May G-d protect and care for him. May G-d protect and care for you. Love, Myrel

  6. Sperlings, it is with such a heavy heart I read these updates. I cannot imagine what kind of strength and hope Hashem has blessed you and Philip with. I pray everyday for his return to us. All my love and devotion to you, from my heart to yours. julie

  7. Sheila/Sarah Malka & Larry Margolis

    Dear Philip, Randy, Shelly, and Family,

    We thank G-d for each moment that you all have together and for the holy light that Phil brings into this world to all of us. May Pesach Yaakov ben Reizel Pesha receive Hashem’s blessings for all he needs to heal — for a refuah shelimah!

    Love and hugs,
    Sheila/Sarah Malka & Larry

  8. Dear Sperlings: We wish you a peaceful shabbat. We will say extra prayers for Phil when we light our candles.
    love, The Cantors

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