Randy’s home away from home

Randy & Shelly reside at the SECU  House at 123 Old Mason Farm Rd, Chapel Hill, NC  27517 while they are in Chapel Hill. It is like a Ronald McDonald house for adult patients and their families. It is a warm and nurturing environment staffed by both wonderful volunteers and paid employees. Randy has a lovely room. There is a huge community kitchen where residents can eat a communal meal or prepare their own. Refrigerators and freezers are available to store one’s own food.   It is about 10 minutes from UNC Memorial Hospital at 101 Manning Drive which Randy gets to each morning on the 9am shuttle bus. The days are long. Knowing that everyone care and prays is extremely comforting for them and makes them feel less isolated and alone as they face the dire nature and reality of the situation. Keep those prayers coming. Tuesday night, December 28 at 7pm is yet another prayer chain. Please be part of it. See the Prayers to read in the next posting.


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