Phil’s journey is over

I’m so sad to have to tell you all that Philip lost his battle with liver disease at approximately 3:30 today, January 2. Funeral arrangements are still pending but the funeral will take place on Tuesday morning. I will post the details as soon as I know them. Randy & Shelly will be accompanying Philip’s body back to Charlotte late tonight.  Please email me at if you want to participate in helping the family with lunch or dinner meals over the next few weeks.

Thanks to all of you for your support to Randy, Shelly and Philip over these past several months. Your words of love and prayer and encouragement have meant so much to them. Please keep up with the blog as I am sure Randy will continue to journal for the next few weeks.

Lorrie Klemons



  1. I was so sad to learn of Philip’s death. Philip was very sweet and joyous and kind.

    It is so tragic. Please, please send them my love and condolences.

    Rabbi Judy

  2. my dearest randy and shelly,
    thank you for calling me to let me know that phil’s battle has ended. spending yesterday with you and lee made it possible for him to pass on in peace. knowing flipper as i do, i wouldn’t have expected it any other way.
    from the first day of phil’s life until the last day of his life, you provided him with a life filled with caring, strength and love.
    i am so very, very sorry for your loss. i know you will keep all of the good memories wrapped tightly around your heart.
    i love you my dear friends — robbin

  3. I am glad you all got to communicate in a loving, familial way, with each other. I am saddened for his passing and send you much love, & gentle hugs. I will continue praying for your family. I am so glad I got to know Philip and share with him here and there. He was a VERY wonderful, caring, loving and good, friend!! He had a great sense of humor, too. I ask God for peace & calm now for your whole family. BigHugz, Lois

  4. Of Blessed Memory, Philip is, was, and will continue to be an inspiration to me and to everyone who knew him.

  5. Tina Haith-Kelly

    My prayers go out to you and your family during this sad time. I didn’t know Philip but if he was anything like you and Shelly then he was an outstanding gentleman. My favorite poetic verse is as follows:

    “Life is not measured by the breath you take; but by the moments that take your breath away.” Philip will forever be your moments.

    Love and blessings and warm hugs from,
    Tina Haith-Kelly

  6. Sheila/Sarah Malka & Larry Margolis

    Baruch Dayen Emes.

  7. Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

  8. Sheila/Sarah Malka & Larry Margolis

    Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

  9. Janis and Stephen

    Randy and Shelly,

    Both Janis and I are deeply saddened by Phillip’s passing. He was an incredibly nice, caring, intelligent, and funny person and his loss leaves a deep hole in the many people whose lives he touched with his warmth and love. We know that mere words cannot express the pain and the grief that the two of you – and your entire family – must be feeling. However, please know that our thoughts, prayers, love, and concern are with you and your family this evening. May Hashem be with you.

  10. Randy and Shelly,

    Judy and I relatively new to Charlotte did not take long to realize what a special person Philip was. His easy going manner and smiling personality brought a brightness to this world. May Hashem comfort you in this difficult time.

  11. Randy and Shelly,
    Am so very sorry for your loss. Am thinking about you and hoping you will be able to find peace now that Phillip is no longer in pain.

  12. Stephanie Dorchinsky

    Dear Randy, Shelly and family,

    I’m so sorry that Phil lost his courageous battle. I won’t be at the funeral in person, however, I’ll be there in spirit.

    My heart is heavy. Phil was a wonderful, sweet, caring and loving boy who Arnie and I enjoyed knowing.

    My G-d comfort you in your time of mourning. I will talk to you in person next week.

    With much love,

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