Philip is resting today. Yesterday was exhausting for us all. He was very clear of mind and able to speak very softly.  The morning was sad for him as he expressed his sadness about leaving. Lee arrived and Phil was able to express his concerns and asked Lee to watch out for us, particularly me. We all listened carefully, expressed our deep love to each other and explained that we would be very sad without him, but that we would be fine. We discussed the things that need to be taken care of such as Ditto. The afternoon was filled with remembrances and he joined us in some songs that he always liked to sing. He was able to talk to each of us alone, and get everything said he wanted to. Now he says he is ready to go. This morning we are at his bedside.


  1. once again beautiful. so glad everyone is having some special times. love, marcelle

  2. Bob and Leigh Jacobson

    Dear Shelly and Randy, Bob and I have you and Phillip in our prayers daily. I have walked in familiar footsteps and can express our concern for both Phillip and you both. Love and Shalom, Bob and Leigh

  3. May Hashem bless you and keep you….we send our love to all of you and pray for your strength and courage for the days ahead. Julie and Cindi

  4. Isn’t it just good ol’ Phil to be so concerned for the rest of you? So good that he is able to express all of this and that you are all able to communicate.
    We’re still doing our job of praying and giving tsedakah in Phil’s merit.

  5. aaron and mintza leah

    dear shelley and randy, our love and prayers that hashem watch over the entire family and give you strength to deal with this challenging time. we are pleased that phil was able to speak with all of you and communicate his feelings. this is a very important time to share together. we continue to daven for each and everyone of you. with love…

  6. Just received the sad news. Baruch Dayan Emet.

  7. Philip is one in a zillion. Even now, he is /was/ concerned about all of you, his loved ones. I will always be thankful I got to know him. I’m saddened. Love & bighugz, Lois

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