The SECU house asked us to do an article with Judith and Michael Beard( the couple we became very friendly with when we were both staying at the SECU house in Chapel Hill). It felt sad to be leaving Charlotte and being away from Philip’s grave. I suppose it is a little silly to feel that way and I got into the car and we went. These are things you do when you are trying to mourn in a healthy way and yet, there are moments that are very difficult. We had the interview at the SECU house and they seemed pleased. We then went to UNC hospital to see Judith and Michael’s daughter Jane. I wondered how I would feel when I walked through the door; but, what I really felt was grateful for the good care and kind people that took care of Philip. I wish I knew what to do to let them all know how much they did for us.

I also remembered the love we showed him, the kisses and hugs. I was happy to remember the way we stroked his head and spoke with him. The way we tried to keep his room a happy place by singing to him and telling stories and remembering good times with him. Shelly and I held his hand as he departed. I hope all of these things helped him as he finished his life and began a new journey.

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  1. I too had the experience of wonderful care and loving kindness from the Chapel Hill Staff. I am sure you let them know how much that meant to you. You are an amazing family and I am so honored to share this journey with you. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way. I know some of the pain of letting go as well as the satisfaction of being there with your beloved family member at the end of their life. I believe that your loved one knows and appreciates your presence as they begin the next journey. Love, Cindi Powell

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