THE PATIENT CARE PARTNERSHIP by the American Hospital Association


The Patient Care Partnership is a document created by the American Hospital Association in 2003 that helps you as a patient understand what your expectations should be with regards to being a patient. In addition, it delineates what your patient rights are and what responsibilities you assume when you become a patient in a health care facility. There are certain things you can expect while in the hospital and there are certain things the hospital will expect from you in order for you to get better. Two way communication is vital in this process of giving you the best care possible. If you have questions at any time, ASK them. You have a voice, use it. Unasked or unanswered questions can add to the stress of being in the hospital. Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times. Write down your questions as they arise. Write down the answers the doctor’s give you. Ask them to spell the words you can’t spell. Ask them to speak in words that you can understand.


The hospitals who are members of the American Hospital Association are committed to giving you high quality care. You should expect this level of care… you should demand this level of care.


The hospitals who are members of the American Hospital Association are committed to providing you with a clean and safe environment and work hard to keep you safe.


When decisions need to be made regarding your health care, you need to be involved. If you are unable to make those decisions, you should have an Advance Directive in place that will appoint a trusted family member or friend as your health care proxy who can make the necessary decisions about your health care when you are unable to do so.

Protection of your privacy:

Hospitals are required by state and federal laws to protect your privacy.

Preparing you and your family for when you leave the hospital:

Your hospital and health care team will work hard to coordinate any and all services that you may need when you are discharged.

Help with your bill and filing insurance claims:

The hospital staff will do whatever it can to help you pay your hospital bills either through your health insurance carrier, Medicare, Medicaid, or by helping you set up a payment plan.

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