Each Day A Gift From G-d

The situation is dire. Philip remains on the transplant list as long as he does not develop any further problems but his condition is very fragile and Randy sits vigil and watches as his health care team does everything in their power to keep him stable enough to remain on the list. No one is sure how long he can last without a new liver, and each day that he is with us is a gift from G-d.  Randy does everything she can to keep him comfortable. She talks to him. She sings to him. She rubs his feet and his head. She does therapeutic touch to help him heal. The UNC staff is fantastic and they have worked tirelessly to get him to this point. No one is ready to admit defeat and each moment of the ICU experience is filled with awe and inspiration as these wonderful angels labor to save Philip’s life. The ICU doctor tells Randy that he goes to sleep worrying about Philip and he wakes up worrying about him. You can’t get much better than that! These people really care about Philip. They have a passion for his life. This is the major reason why Randy & Shelly chose to make the trek to UNC. It is a shlep. But they feel that it is the best place for them to be.  The clock ticks away the passage of time as a race for a compatible liver continues. How swiftly the time passes and how Randy & Shelly wish that they could slow it down to buy more time for their  beloved son. The anguish of parents as they watch their child slipping away is just too much to bear. While Randy remains optimistic, the reality of the situation is very dire. Every moment without a set-back is a celebration. Every moment without a new liver is heart wrenching. The ups and downs of this emotional roller coaster have been difficult, especially with Randy being so far from home and the community that she so loves and cherishes. You have no idea how much your blog comments, prayers and good wishes have meant to Randy, Shelly & Philip. This is a very special family. Philip is a very special person. Please keep your prayers and good wishes coming. They are needed more than ever. Pray that Philip remains stable. Pray that his diseased liver holds out. Pray that a new liver is found TODAY!


  1. midnight- just left Mariashi, Channie, Mushka, Aviva, and Yossi at the shul kitchen. They have spent the evening preparing challah dough for a giant mitzvah for 43 women (numerical value of the work “challah” to bake challah for Philip’s merit. Other women are preparing their own dough at home.
    May this community mitzvah bring good news for Philip.

  2. dear philip, randy, shelly, lee, and danny,
    sending many, many, many prayers and much, much love.
    i love you my dear friends — robbin

  3. Sarah Malka/Sheila & Larry

    May the mitzvot of the 43 – challah – with the prayers bring Hashem’s merciful blessings for all that is needed for the refuah shleimah of Pesach Yaakov ben Raizel Pesha. Love, caring, and hugs, Sarah Malka & Larry

  4. Dear Phil, Randy and Shelly,
    My love and prayers go out to you and will continue to go out to you. This shabbat we conclude the Book of Shemot with the words Chazak Chazak v’Nitchazek. Be strong, be strong, and be strenghtened!
    Sarah Rochel

  5. Correction! We conclude the Book of Genesis!

  6. Also my Challot is made with Pesach Yaakov Ben Raizel Pesha in mind and prayer. You all are constantly on my mind. Sandra and family

  7. We are praying for a donor liver to come swiftly. Please know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers this Shabbat.

  8. Dear Sperlings: I think of you all day long and am in prayer fot a liver, your strength and continued love and care of those wonderful Doctors. May you be blessed with good news. Love, Cindi

  9. Dear Sperlings: I am in constant prayer for a liver and your courage and strength to face every moment. I will spend Shabbat services thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts for a miracle. Love, Cindi

  10. Dear Randy, Shelly and Phil:

    I want you to know that we had guest’s for dinner and instead of a “Motzi” we read a prayer for Philip in its entirity. We think of y’all all of the time.

    Bette and Abe

  11. Dearest Sperlings, we are all so hopeful that today is the day that Philip will get his strength back, and hashem will bring you all back to Charlotte. I am praying for him every moment of every day that he be well and that you can be at peace. I love you so much. Maggie asks where her ‘Uncle Philt’ is every time we pull out the massive accumulation of stickers!! I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you, but our hearts are with you, despite the miles. Julie

  12. You know that you live in the best community in the world when you pass someone walking by and instead of saying “hello” they say, ” have you heard any news yet?” You don’t even have to ask who they are talking about. It is amazing, this little powerful family of ours. You keep doing what you have to do there and we will do what we have to here. We love you so much and miss you.

  13. God can do anything and that includes providing a donor liver meant especially for Philip.

    Randy and Philip, I’m so glad I’ve met you bot. You’ve touched my heart with the determination, kindness and laughter you share, while being forever thankful through it all. You both are in my heart and lifted up in my prayers, as well as the doctors and Philip’s one liver. –


  14. Philip is still bringing great joy and mitzvot to our community. The women who came to the shul to prepare dough, those who came to shape their challahs and those who cleaned up shared in their own personal elevation as they worked and prayed together asking HaShem for a miracle for our beloved Pesach Yaakov ben Raizel Pesha.
    Many of us have not made challah in a long time (since it’s easier to just lay down our money and have someone else make the effort). This was not an effort for us.
    I walked away feeling elevated and united with my community and G-d. I thank those who gave me this wonderful opportunity and gift.

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