Phiip’s on a ventilator

They had to put Philip on a ventilator last night. Please PRAY PRAY PRAY for him today with every ounce of faith.  May the Lord, blessed be He, grant him years and life. May Randy and Shelly and the rest of the family be granted strength to cope with the days to come and give them the fortitude to continue to advocate for their beloved Philip. May the health care team never lose sight of the precious soul that is Philip and never give up the fight to bring us back our precious Philip.



  1. Please let his parents know that I am keeping him in my prayers.

    Rabbi Judy

  2. dear philip, randy, shelly, lee and danny,
    sending you PRAYERS, positive THOUGHTS and all my LOVE.
    i love you my dearest friends — robbin

  3. I am praying with all my might that Hashem allow us to have Phil stay with us, so that we all may love him. Enjoy his spirit and sense of humor. So that we can bake banana bread for him and watch him smile. May Hashem watch over the Sperling family and give them strength. Love, Maggie and Julie

  4. Dear Phil,Randy,Shelly,Lee,Danny,and family,
    I am sending my LOVE and Prayers to you all. Phil, is the kindest,gentlest,sweetest,most faithful soul May G-d grant him wellness, and all of you peace. Love Renee

  5. My heart is there with you and I pray every time I think of you which is all day long. I love you and send you a warm hug. Cindi

  6. Dear Philip! We love you and we pray for you!

    Thanks for keeping the blog active

    Jenny Kritchevski & family

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