the good news… and the bad news

We had some really great news today as a cardiac catheterization indicated that Philip’s pulmonary hypertension has come down way below where the doctors wanted it to be in order for him to be placed on the transplant list. Unfortunately that good news was overshadowed by the fact that Phil is now struggling to breathe. They are trying to find out why and hopefully the family will have a better idea of what’s going on tomorrow. As you can well imagine, the emotionalism of this roller coaster ride is sometimes hard to bear. I know Randy feels she has to be strong so she can continue to advocate for her son. She is relentless in getting him what he needs and making sure each member of Phil’s health care team is on the same page, working together for a positive outcome. But it is not easy. This is exactly why Randy and I are creating our website which hopefully will be up and running as a patient advocacy website in a month or two. It will teach everyone how to be a comparable advocate for them self or someone they love in the health care setting. It is Randy’s and my deepest wish to empower all health care consumers so that their needs can be met in any health care setting.  The impetus for the website came from Randy’s 25 + years of care giving… and fighting the system in order to get Phil’s needs met. She is awesome & inspiring! I want her on my team the next time I am sick!  In the meantime, please! please! please! keep Phil and the entire Sperling family in your prayers. Everyday he is with us is a new day filled with hope… and your prayers can continue to keep that hope alive.

Lorrie Klemons


  1. Thank you Lorrie for the update. He is in our prayers.

  2. Amy & Jeffrey Becker

    We are continually saying our prayers for Phil! Our thoughts are with all of you. Please give Phil a gentle and sweet kiss on the head from us. If we can do anything else to support you, please let us know! Love, Amy, Jeff, Corey and Chelsea

  3. we are praying for phil’s recovery, and are thinking of you and your family.

    hugs and warm thoughts from the cheskes family

  4. Amen to your words, Lorrie. The Sperling family remains in our prayers along with our awe and respect. May G-d bless and keep all of you strong.

  5. Great news about the hypertension. We will pray that the problem with Phil’s breathing will be resolved and that he will move on to recovery.
    We miss all of you.

  6. Sarah Malka/Sheila & Larry

    Thank G-d for Phil’s good hypertension level. May Pesach Yaakov ben Raizel Pesha receive G-d’s blessings and continue to be on his way to a speedy and complete recovery! May Randy, Shelly, and their entire family receive many blessings for strength and comfort as they care for Philip and are by his side. Our love, concern, support, well wishes, and hugs are with you, Sarah Malka & Larry

  7. Dear Lorrie: Thank you for the wonderful update as to Phil’s condition. I want both of you on my team if I am ever sick. May Hashem bless you and the Sperlings with continued strength and hope. Love to all of you, Cindi Powell

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