The day has been full of ups and downs. We thought he was doing better because his white blood count was normal. It was our impression that meant the infection was under control. The blood pressure is running low, apparently that means that there could be another infection brewing. His body is unable to get rid of enough fluid without his blood pressure diving. He is being kept alive with machinery to get him to transplant. Today they had to  make him inactive on the transplant list. It will not take long to get him back on if his physical condition improves. We sit with him and offer our love and encouragement. He doesn’t say much because he sleeps more of the time and there is a mask on his   

It is sad to think about how little we have to offer our child. He has the best medical care he can get, yet we sit here powerless. We pray and we pray.


  1. You have done tremendous things for Phil, and although you may feel powerless, please never forget that your dedication to him over the years has gotten him this far. We hope to hear that his physical condition improves, and we admire the courage that all of you have been displaying throughout this journey.

    Love, Rebecca, Issy, Dalia and Ilan Cheskes

  2. aaron & mintza leah

    you are from from powerless. on the contrary, has given you great strength to continue to offer prayer and ask for a complete recovery for phil. the power of prayer is awesome. just being by phil’s side offers him great comfort, even if he can’t respond right now. we continue to pray daily and offer our support to all of you.

  3. Randy, I have never seen such devoted parents as you and Shelly are. I agree with Rebecca – although the medical help he is receiving sounds amazing – it takes the dedication you have to help pull Phil through all his challenges he is enduring. Although we never underestimate the power of prayer, we certainly can’t underestimate the power of love.

  4. You are continuing to offer Philip every chance at a healthy life. I wouldn’t call that powerless……

  5. Randy, can you post the address at the hospital, or send me an email, so I can send Philip a card? My prayers are being sent every night!

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