The days seem to be running together. We are always worried about his blood pressure, white blood count, platelets, body temperature, dialysis, infection. I can no longer remember which one to worry about first or what the last report was. I have taken to writing everything down so that I don’t have to depend on my memory. Philip is in good spirits. He seems to sleep less and less all of the time. They staff tells me part of this is from the confusion of just being in the ICU which has action all of the time. There are moments when the conversation is cute and funny and the next moment he seems confused. Shelly and I just sit with him and respond to what ever he presents. If he is confused and doesn’t realize that he is confused we just let it drop. If he gets confused and knows he is confused we give him the information to understand what is happening. If he is being cute and funny we laugh and make jokes with him. Everything is moment to moment. We are certainly learning how to live in the moment.

Today they are concerned because he seems to have a bladder infection. They bantered back and forth about which antibiotic to use. The problem seems to be that if an infection gets into his blood stream they can’t take him into the operating room. His platelets are still low and the line that gives them information on his blood pressure became disconnected. They would use a regular blood pressure cuff, but for some reason, it doesn’t work on Philip right now, because it gives readings at both extremes.

Philip continues to be a fighter.


  1. Great strategy to write everything down…have used that one myself many a time…we are pulling for Phil to keep fighting, and please know how much we are thinking about all of you!

    With love from the Cheskes family

  2. Dear Sperlings: I am so grateful that you keep us up to date and that you are in the moment…of course that is all any of us have and you are living proof that this is the way to live. Your family is an inspiration to me and I marvel at your courage and fortitude. I write everything down even when I a NOT under any stress so of course the journaling of information on your end is the only way to go. May you be blessed with good news. Love you and miss seeing you. Cindi

  3. Prayers and love to you all at this time. Yes, we miss you very much. Julie

  4. Our prayers include may HaShem continue to give all the Sperlings strength and Shalom. Stay in the moment and ride the cloud of Emunah.

  5. aaron and mintza leah

    hi sperlings, you are all an inspiration in faith, fortitude and fun. i say that in all seriousness, to laugh with phil is great medicine. keep plugging, the liver is on its way. we love you all and hope to hear good news very soon. have a good shabbos. a&ml

  6. You are the fighters three, with God by your side, holding you in the palm of His hand. God is all around you, within you and shining through all of you. This infection is a piece of cake for God- that will not get in the way!!!! He won’t have it!

    It was such a pleasure to meet Shelly yesterday evening, 11pm. Wow, you know me, I’m usually not up that late. What a blessing- I can thoroughly see where Phillip gets his gentle grace and zest for life, appreciating every moment with a smile and laughter diving right into the thick of it, throwing fear out that door.

    One of the greatest gifts one could have, a healthy liver is on its way for Phillip. I can feel it and give thanks to God above for it and taking care of your family, the doctors, nurses and all that Phillip needs.

    I am truly blessed for getting to know you and want to make sure you know how much you have brightened my days. Love you!

  7. Hope this Shabbos arrives with a liver for Phillip~ Miss you.

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