Yesterday we left the hospital hoping that we would get a call in the night saying that a liver was available because Philip was doing so well. This morning, we walked into a series of new problems. The bladder infection from a couple of days ago is not better, and it also includes a fungus infection. The fungus is now being treated with a “bladder wash”. The laboratory microbiologist did some testing on which medication would work best for this type of infection and its resistance strain. He is now on that antibiotic. A chest x-ray showed that his breathing is shallow, so they have him on a breathing machine with a big mask that helps him take deep breaths. He was put back on medication for low blood pressure. All of this keeps him on the transplant list, but they would not be able to take him into the operating room immediately. For the past three days, he hasn’t slept, and now all he does is sleep. I really don’t know if he has any idea where he is, or who we are. Some of the doctors came in and explained the dangers, and yet there is optimism that things will get better. He has come back before, so we pray.


  1. dear flipper, ran, and shelly,
    i am praying with all my heart and all my soul every waking hour!!
    all my love — robbin

  2. Randy, hope this comment finds you all giving it your best shot ever for a stable period so that the liver can be found and transplanted TODAY!

  3. Dear Phillip, Randy, and Shelly,

    Both Janis and I offer our prayers and best wishes that a kidney is found immediately and that the doctors will be able to replace Phillip’s bad liver with that new one. Be well and l’shalom!

  4. Dear Phillip, Randy, and Shelly,

    Both Janis and I offer our prayers and best wishes that a new and healthy liver be found immediately and that the doctors will be able to replace Phillips failing liver with the new one. Take care and may Hashem’s love and healing power be with all of you.

  5. We join in all of the above……

  6. It’s snowing hard here in Charlotte. I hope Phil has overcome yet again this newest challenge and a transplant can be given today. We are thinking liver very hard and praying even harder!

  7. Sarah Malka & Larry Margolis

    Our prayers continue for the liver transplant that Pesach Yaakov ben Reizel Pesha needs for a refuah shleimah! May he and all of you receive Hashem’s blessings continually! Love and hugs, Sarah Malka & Larry

  8. Snow here in Atlanta, too…cold outside, but our hearts are warm with love for all of you. We wish there were more we could do from here, but thank you for letting us know how things are going.

    Issy, Rebecca, Dalia and Ilan Cheskes

  9. waiting for today’s posting and hoping the he is responding to treatments for the problems…..have never thought so hard about a liver in my life!! I still believe that Hashem has good reason to be watching over Phil and keeping him going.
    Be in touch. Janice and gang

  10. Sarah Malka Margolis

    Amen to what Janice said! Randy, Chana Corn prays for Phil all the time and is saying Tehillim. She has even asked friends and co-workers to pray for Philip, and she and they are concerned about how he is doing. I spoke with Chana at Shul yesterday and she asked me to let you know this. May Pesach Yaakov ben Reizel Pesha receive Hashem’s blessings for all that is needed for his refuah shleimah! Love & hugs, Sarah Malka

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