Another set back

Philip’s condition continues to be precarious. He now has an infection in his blood, which is referred to as sepsis.  They don’t know where it has come from and they are still debating on how best to treat it. They also suspect he may have some GI bleeding . Having one of these 2 situations would be bad enough but having both of them at the same time is not good.  He is currently on hold for transplant until the situations can be cleared up. The doctors are still giving Randy and Shelly hope but the situation is very grim. Randy is obviously exhausted by her almost 24/7 vigil at Philip’s bedside for almost 6 weeks now. They have been in Chapel Hill since before Thanksgiving. She remains optimistic but sad. The emotional roller coaster would takes its toll on anyone… but especially on a Mommy and the Daddy. Watching your child have to endure what Philip has endured just tears your heart out.  No matter how hopeful you remain, the pain of sitting and watching your child suffer is oftentimes unbearable, as you can all well imagine. Randy has been the ultimate advocate for Philip and realizes that Phil is now totally in the hands of G-d, along with some assistance from some outstanding, extraordinary, skillful and compassionate health care givers. Please keep them all in your prayers.



  1. as always randy,shelly,phillip and all family stay in my constant prayers. just wish i could make things better. my love to all,marcelle

  2. You guys are constantly in our prayers. Hope for a better report in the morning.

  3. Sarah Malka & Larry Margolis

    Phil is constantly in our prayers, as well as Randy, Shelly, and family. Our friends are also praying for Philip. We, too, are hoping to hear good news. May Pesach Yaakov ben Reizel Pesha receive Hashem’s blessings that he have the health necessary for the liver transplant and the liver for the transplant at the same time soon so that he may have a refuah shleimah! Love and hugs to all the Sperlings, Sarah Malka & Larry

  4. My heart goes out to the family and I am praying and hoping for strength and courage for all of them. Thank you Lorrie for your update. Love to all of you, Cindi Powell

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