We are in a race against time. Philip’s condition is deteriorating. The doctors are doing the best they can to keep him going so that he can get a transplant. He is no longer anxious and confused. He rarely wakes up and when he does I don’t think he has any idea of what is happening around him. I held his hand while they took fluid from his belly and pushed on his abdomen so that we could get more fluid out. They have a tube running out of his nose so that they can get fluid out of his chest. They take blood frequently and watch for indications and try to treat him. The staff is fabulous; they treat Philip with kindness and efficiency. This staff is a team and it shows in the kind of care all of the patients get. I am keep well informed with direct honest information that I truly appreciate.


  1. Hi, Randy: Glad to hear that you’re well enough to be with him. People email me every day to ask about him. I just got a not from Fran Perez Wilhite.
    Glad to hear how good the staff is. A blessing.
    Call whenever you can. xxxxJanice

  2. Keep referring people to to follow Philips’ journey.

  3. dear ran,
    glad we talked tonight. so glad lorrie is coming to stary with you tomorrow night.
    sending many, many prayers and much, much love!!
    love you — robbin

  4. Sarah Malka/Sheila & Larry

    Our prayers, love, and, and support are with all of you. May Pesach Yaakov ben Raizel Pesha receive the liver he needs to greatly prolong his life here in this world to serve Hashem with Torah and mitzvot. Love and hugs, Sarah Malka & Larry

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