At this point Philip remains critical and on the transplant list. It seems that this can change from hour to hour. He is on the list to be offered a liver, but they want him a little healthier to take him to the operating room.  They have him on a variety of medications to keep everything in balance. Our goal is also to keep this room as a cheery and hopeful place, so as to keep Philip’s mental and psychological status in good shape also. His direct nurse said that yesterday when they had him down in Radiology in order to replace an old “port” with a new “port”, Philip kept saying thank you to all personnel. We are grateful that, despite having tubes and hoses coming in and out of him, Philip remains Philip. He is kind, appreciative and polite.


  1. Dear Randi, Shelly and Phillip: We love all of you and especially send good thoughts and hugs to “Uncle Philt” today. He is so very special to all of us at the Powell house. Love you and send prayers and hugs today. Cindi, Maggie and Julie

  2. thinking of you and family and praying for you all. much love from me and your mah jong ladies

  3. Dear Randi, Shelly and Phillip,
    Every hour my thoughts and prayers are with all three of you. You three are very special people who I have come to love and admire. You are very loved here at Ohr Torah and EVERYONE is praying and keeping you in our thoughts.
    Can I bring you anything from Charlotte? I can come on Wednesday when we are off school. Just say the word and I will be there.
    With prayers and hope ~ Sharyn

  4. Dear Randi, Shelly & Philip,

    We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers
    for a complete and speedy recovery.

    All of the Mah Jongg ladies want you home here in Charlotte as soon as possible.

    Love and well wishes

  5. Phillip, you are not just a ray of sunshine, but the whole sun, always making others smile and brightening their days. That perfect liver just for you is on its way, I am looking forward to seeing you again.

    Randy- I will be there Tuesday, please let me know if you need anything. Do you like tea? Chocolate????

    You are in my prayers,
    Sherri Jutz

  6. Dear Randy,
    I feel so silly sitting here enjoying myself in St Maarten when you are sitting in the ICU taking care of Philip. It just doesn’t seem or feel right. I know you know how much I love you and how much I love your son. You are all in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

  7. we are hoping to hear good news soon…thanks for keeping us posted. take care of yourselves…

  8. Sarah Malka/Sheila & Larry Margolis

    Dear Philip, Randy, Shelly, and Family – Our prayers, Tehillim, and loving thoughts for Philip and all of you continue constantly. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. May this be the day that the liver transplant that Pesach Yaakov ben Reizel Pesha needs for a refuah shleimah happens! Our love and hugs, Sarah Malka & Larry

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