The days seem long and endless as we wait for a liver. Each time the phone rings I hope it is a 919 area code which might be connected to the hospital with that all important call that they have a liver. Philip’s status is holding steady, but it is tenuous. His   body is being supported by medication and machines. Today he spoke with us more frequently, but there is still some confusion.

The staff has been wonderful checking on him frequently and making changes as needed. It seems that everyone is pulling for him to receive a liver.

We want to thank all of you who have been supporting us with your prayers, thoughts, call and good wishes.


  1. Thanks for the posting. Sounds like Phil is being very cooperative about “hangin in” until a liver shows up. The hospital and staff sound fantastic.
    Call any time. J

  2. It seems that Phil is truly continuing being Phil – considerate as always and just being patient. I am amazed. No other word could describe but pure amazement. As always with you in thoughts and prayers. Sandra

  3. Dear Sperlings: Thank you for the update today. It is truly one day at a time and sometimes one moment at a time. I am inspired by all of you and your loving vigil. I am thinking liver! Loving you with prayers and lots of hugs. Cindi

  4. dear flipper, ran, and shelly,
    many thanks for the call tonight ran.
    sending prayers, good thoughts, strength, cuddly hugs, and much love!!! you are in my thoughts and prayers every waking minute of the day.
    i love you my dearest friends — robbin

  5. I am the nurse that has had the pleasure of taking care of Philip for the last 2 nights.I feel truely blessed to have met such an adorable person.Even though he is a little confused sometimes ,he is still so sweet and funny!We have laughed and talked about the things that he loves.I think some of my bad habits are rubbing off on him because he now tells the dialysis machine to SHUT UP every time it beeps and wakes him up.I pray that the liver angel gets here soon to help my new friend and ease his pain.

  6. we are so relieved to hear that phil is accepting of all that needs to be done, and pray that you will receive that all-important phone call TODAY!

    best wishes from the cheskes family…

  7. thinking of you. Can’t imagine how difficult this all must be.
    All the best,

  8. We continue to pray for you and Phil, and for the illusive liver—the one that will make him whole again.
    The best of everything to all of you.

  9. hope you are getting this! played mah jong and missed you. thinking and praying for philip ALWAYS. love, marcelle and mah jong friends

  10. I have been offline for a month, due to moving and computer issues. I still pray for Philip. He is my dear friend. I honestly really love this young man. He is so kind, humorous, sweet and compassionate. He always cares about what’s happening with me, and so on. I pray with all my mind, soul, body and heart that he gets his new liver ASAP!!!! I pray he remains stable and well enough to stay on the transplant list and have the surgery really, really soon, with a 100% success rate. I miss visiting with him, and pray we can soon visit again, as he regains his health and recovers from the transplant and gets healthy. May God bless you all, and keep you all in peace, and love. Lois A. Helgeson

  11. Randy, I am not surprised to hear such wonderful things about Philip! Those of us who love him know how special his neshemah is.. but it’s nice to hear others acknowledge that as well. Give him a hug and kiss for me. I’ll see you soon! Love you all,

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