Holding Holding Holding. We are grateful for the holding but it is not easy. The doctors and nurses are working every minute to keep his body in balance and in good enough shape for him to go to the operating room. The staff seems to have developed a great fondness for Philip. His sweet disposition and polite approach endears him to all who care for him. He frequently sleeps, but in between he remains himself. There is some confusion, but nothing that is a surprise, considering how long he has been in the Intensive Care Unit. The staff continues to make us feel as if we are all on the same team wanting to get Philip a liver.


  1. I’m sure that Phil is the most popular guy in ICU. Keep holding, holding, holding…….That’s what he needs to do until THE liver shows up.

  2. Dear friends: Of course he is Mr. Popularity after all he is one special guy! What is not to love. I am praying and hoping all day every day. Love to you from the Powell girls. Cindi, Julie and Maggie (kisses to uncle PHILT!)

  3. God is holding Philip and all of you in the palm of his hand. Let’s rest and be joyful in that. My prayers continue trusting completely that that perfect liver is on its way in God’s timing.

    I am here at the SECU house tonight and Wed. night. Lifting my own struggles up to God in Philips name. Rest easy, lots of hugs sent your way.

  4. Sarah Malka/Sheila & Larry Margolis

    Our prayers for a refuah shleima for Pesach Yaakov ben Reizel Pesha continue. Philip is very special to us! Love and hugs, Sarah Malka & Larry

  5. May it happen soon!! Lot of prayers coming your way. We miss all of you!

  6. we are thinking of all of you…hoping the answer to everyone’s prayers will come very soon!

    Much love from the Cheskes family

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