Difficult doesn’t begin to describe the day. Philip is very confused. This is just part of end stage liver disease. Everything that can be done is being done. The fact is he needs a liver. There are times when the confusion is simple. He doesn’t have things straight in his mind and that is no big deal. The problem arises when he scares himself by what he has just said or becomes sad and really doesn’t understand why. There are times when being in the room with him feels right and calms him. So we stay. There are other times when he is just aware enough to scare himself. When we are in the room he talks. Sometimes we think it is best to leave him hoping that he will simply lay there and think without upsetting himself. He is hooked up to many tubes and wires. He has some sort of heating blanket to keep his body temperature stable. His hands are tied up so that he won’t pull the tubes out. He remains a sweet loving person but his humor has disappeared behind the shadow of liver disease. Please pray with us as we pray for him to get a good new liver as soon as possible.


  1. We continue to pray for a new liver ASAP. B”H that he is on the list.

  2. We are praying for Phil and the entire family at this challenging time…we wish there was more that we could do from here.

  3. I am there with you every step and praying constantly for your strength and a liver!! I wish I could be there to hug you! May Hashem give you strength and courage and comfort. Cindi

  4. aaron and mintza leah

    may hashem hear our prayers to bring a suitable liver to phil very very soon. to randy and shelley: please know that our entire community prays that you continue to show great strength and hashem should help you to do the right things for phil.

  5. When you can, keep reminding him of how many people care about him and are davening for him. You guys are never are never far away from our thoughts. Mariashi

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