If your body doesn’t feel right, it isn’t!

I debated whether I should post this or not. I’m pretty private. Since October, I was experiencing some chest and arm pains. I went to the ER in California where I live. They did a stress test, blood work, sonogram and other work ups. I was told it’s not my heart and to take some advil for the pain events. That visit was $12,000 dollars, and I was responsible for $3000.00.

I visited my pulmonologist who said it wasn’t related to my lungs. My next plan was to see my GI doctor thinking it could be GERD or Acid reflux.

Six months later, I’m visiting my mom in Florida and doing lots of repairs on her house. While climbing out of the attic, I had tremendous pains and almost fainted on the ladder. My mom gave me a nitroglycerine pill and the pain went away. OH OH. I immediately went to the ER here in Florida and they put me on a nitro IV. The next day I had an angiogram and a stent placed in my 99% blocked “widow maker” artery. Dr. said I could have died at any moment and I wouldn’t have lasted another week.

I guess the moral is, if your body doesn’t feel right, it isn’t and always get second opinions right away.


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